ACDC Clinical Diabetes Grant


 ACDC is offering a small project grant every year. These grants are intended to:

  1. Promote and support research in children’s diabetes by providing funding to:
  2. Promote and support surveys of clinical innovations in children’s diabetes
  3. Promote and support educational projects in children’s diabetes

Applications must have the potential to change practice in paediatric diabetes and be applicable in other settings, Trusts and hospitals. This work may benefit patients and families, other health care professionals, schools or other groups. Successful applications are likely to include evidence of input from patients and the public and plans to evaluate the impact of the project. Proposals that encompass a national survey should clearly demonstrate the clinical question or the problem to be addressed. The grant will not fund salaries, overtime, conference fees or travel expenses.

There will be one ACDC Clinical Diabetes Grant awarded- up to a maximum of £15,000.

Please download the  APPLICATION FORM here ACDC Clinical diabetes grant application

Closing date 30th November 2022, award anticipated to start 1st May 2023